Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mesa Arizona Temple Christmas Lights

Another Tradition we have is to bring our boys to the temple every year at Christmas to see the amazing lights! This is our 3rd (or 4th) annual trip with our great friends the Breinholts! Nobody can relate to our situation with having 4 boys better than they can! They just had their 4th boy this past summer.

I remember having 3 boys, thinking, I can do this, but it was that 4th boy that put me over the edge. You'd think I'd have boys figured out by now!! I'm the first to admit that I'm not a perfect mom! I try hard but seem to always fall short! Well, It's nice to have friends that understand!
We used to live right across the street from the Breinholts and miss them terribly. Our boys played together almost every day!

It gets a little crazy trying to watch 8 boys, in the dark, among hundreds of other people! Makes for a fun night....remind me not to go on a Sat
urday night next year! We went to SomeBurros for dinner...another one of my favorite places t
o eat!


Sarita said...

How fun to have them all together! You and Natalie are both so great with all those boys!

Katie Peterson said...

Cindy how did you do it with 4 boys???? I am STRESSING over having four! How far apart are your boys...aren't they pretty close to! You are my inspiration!! Help!