Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun on Fall Break with the Cousins

We have had so much fun for the last 1 1/2 weeks on fall break. On Monday our cousins from Payson came over and the boys have been having a blast! I don't care what anyone says, there's nothing like having 4 boys together all of the time, and them being so close in age, there is an energy that can't be matched. Then you get 6 boys together, There is nothing but ENERGY! I LOVE IT! There is nothing more fun in life than watching a bunch of boys just play football, soccer, baseball, wrestle together, fight eachother, non-stop. My only wish is that I had about half of their energy! Keeping up with them 24/7 is the challenge I face on a daily basis. Everyone always says they grow up SO FAST, so I'm trying my hardest to enjoy it (but when someone has a bloody nose, skinned knee, etc, every 5 minutes, it can get a little crazy!) The one thing that I've learned about boys is that they are so competitive. It's funny how when I have girls over to play, that competitive energy lessens soooo much. I wouldn't change it for the world. Everyone always asks me if I wish I had a girl. I can honestly say "NO". My own hormones are enough for one family to have to deal with! Boys are so Easy-going. That's me. I'm not at all into all of the "frills" and girly stuff that girls do. I never have been. I've always been into sports and fun! I'm not one for jewelry and fluff! Maybe that's why I was blessed with ALL BOYS!
I've decided to use this blog as my journal and just TYPE away with the things I'm thinking! So bear with me!


Sarita said...

Your boys are too cute! I can imagine all that energy! Looks like you guys are having a fun fall break!

Anonymous said...

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